EASA Cessna SET Class Rating


Our Single Engine Turbine (SET) Class Rating Courses are specifically designed to provide all the theoretical knowledge and flight instruction to a pilot already holding an EASA Licence so that they can operate the Cessna Caravan, Pilatus PC6 or PAC 750XL safely and efficiently. Our instructors operate the Caravan, 206, Porter or PAC 750XL day in, day out and have experience flying and instructing on all the engine variants. Additionally, our instructors have thousands of hours experience flying and operating the Pratt and Whitney PT6 turbine engine ensuring that your training is without compromise and to the highest standards.

Pre-course Requirements:

Minimum EASA PPL(A) Class Two medical and 200hrs PIC

Theoretical Knowledge:

Our ground school course for the Cessna SET, Pilatus PC-6 SET or PAC 750XL SET Class Ratings starts with Instructor-led interactive classroom training covering all applicable airframe and engine systems. This is followed by a half-day’s practical ground training and introduction to the aircraft. We even have a PC-based systems trainer to introduce pilots to turbine handling and operations.

Flight Training:

The course is a minimum of 6 hours flight training*, followed by the Licence Skills Test with an independent examiner.

The course typically lasts around 3-4 days to complete.

*If you have experience flying a similar aircraft type we can most likely tailor the Course to suit your current flying experience.

Cessna SET Differences Training

Our Instructors are able to provide tailored differences training between the different Cessna SET Models:

  • Pratt and Whitney PT6 Cessna Caravans
  • Honeywell TPE-331 Supervan 900
  • Pratt and Whitney PT6 Cessna 206

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EASA Cessna SET Caravan Training
EASA Cessna SET Caravan Training
EASA Cessna SET Caravan Training