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Skydiving Aircraft Lease

Our Cessna Super-Caravans, equipped with powerful PT6 engines from Blackhawk are available for short-term contracts throughout the year.

With a team of highly experienced pilots with over 40 years’ experience in all aspects of skydiving and parachute dropping, we can tailor our aircraft operation to fit your specific skydiving requirements.

Aircraft Lease agreements can be customised to meet your specific event requirements. Contact us, or check the Calendar for more information.



With an upgraded engine, refined configuration, closeable door and our experienced pilots, FOXY is fast!


• Powerful PT6A engine
• 13000ft in 11 minutes
• 17000ft in 14.5 minutes
• 6000 fpm Fast descent

Event Capacity

Configured to carry the skydivers in speed and comfort. Oxygen is supplied for high altitude events and records.

Event Capacity

• 15 Slots per load
• 3.5 loads per hour
• Total over 50 jumps per hour
• Avg. 4.8 litres per jumper


The company has over 40 years of experience in parachute dropping for dropzones around the world.


Highly experienced pilots in:
• Formation flying
• High altitude dropping
• Record attempts


We can be available for skydiving contracts and events anywhere in Europe throughout the year


For more information on our availability contact us at info@foxyplane.com or +44(0)1949 860 878

Why choose us for your event?

Leasing a skydiving aircraft from us is not just an ordinary agreement. Our unique approach and broad experience make us your ideal event partner. Whether you are looking to lease for a single event or regular activity, we have the expertise to help you succeed!

  • Fast and efficient turn-around by experienced, commercial, pilots.
  • Aircraft maintained without compromise to the highest standards.
  • Event support and guidance from experienced Skydivers, Safety & Training Advisors and Ground Staff.
  • FOXY Plane - Italian Wingsuit Record
  • FOXY Plane - Formation flying with FRED